About us

Founded in 1973, Waltham Forest Citizens Advice Bureau Service (WFCAB)’s primary role is to give legal advice, information and support to the local residents of Waltham Forest. Below we outline some facts about us and the borough we serve.

What do our trustees do and who are they?

Waltham Forest CAB Service is a limited company and a registered charity. As such, we have trustee board, who collectively act as the employer for all the paid staff, and have the responsibility for making key strategic decisions on behalf of the organisation. The trustee board has the responsibility to oversee the accounts, and ensure that the service complies with all relevant statutory accounting regulations, and other rules that apply to charities.

There are general board meetings every 2 months, indispersed with finance and personnel sub-committees. All meetings are minuted by the company secretary.

The trustee board is made up of local volunteers. These are people who give their time freely to try to ensure that the CAB gives the best service it is able to. A number of trustees are recruited at the annual AGM, and others are co-opted at other times, depending on the needs of the organisation. The numbers of trustees vary, but there are normally 15 to 20 in membership. At any one time. Sometimes trustees have to make difficult decisions concerning both the current needs of the organisation, and other decisions that might have considerable ramifications for the future. The board welcomes applications for membership.